The Free Pricing Guide


Yes, it really is free. For now. Until I change my mind about the real value of this, like, I feel like it’s important that people (photographers, especially) are aware of the value of what they create, you know? But also, this is yet another peer into my career. I’ve put the whole thing on display for over ten years now – can you believe that? Really crazy. You can go see interviews and videos of me in 2013, I think maybe even as early as 2011, just fighting to keep my head above water, really working on finding my voice and my way. And then there’s this, which is a career’s worth of pricing advice as I figured it out through many hard fought battles, all condensed into one download. And I want to share that. But at what price? Who knows. So for now, enjoy it. Until, inevitably, someone emails me and tells me how it’s all wrong because blah blah blah. There’s always someone. I digress!

You have to give us your email though – so we can send you the PDF. It’s the number one topic I get asked about: “How much should I charge?” And while the answer is essentially “how long is a piece of string?,” this guide will help you take into consideration all of the wide variety of factors you need to consider when putting together estimates and coming up with a pricing structure that works for you. This guide includes the actual structure that I use to bill my clients – thousands – I literally have kept count – of jobs over the course of my career helped me arrive at these numbers. Countless lessons learned on location, in post production, and in negotiations have been taken into consideration to give you as much information as possible. I hope you find it helpful. Yes, all the numbers are real.