Lights On or Off? The Dilemma Continues

Hatfields VS McCoys. Jets VS Sharks. Scorpion VS Sub-Zero. Lights on VS Light off in your architectural photos. Will these differences ever be resolved?! In this video, I do a quick breakdown of how different lighting setups affect the editing process and the final image.

Check Out This Peaceful Modern Lake Retreat Photographed By Maxime Brouillet

Today we are heading to a modern family home on Lake Brome by Atelier Pierre Thibault. Wonderful Project of the Week veteran Maxime Brouillet, whose beautiful style you may remember from his photographs of an angular cabin on the St. Laurence river, has masterfully documeneted this tranquil retreat.

Hall, Merrick, and McCaugherty on the Craft and Business of Architectural Photography

Nick Merrick and Steve Hall have been photographing architecture longer than most readers of this blog have been alive (myself included). When you think of some of the most important architectural projects of the last 100 years, Merrick and Hall have probably been there, creating photographs to share the stories of these projects with the world.

The Road to Success With Photographer Joel Grimes

While he isn’t specifically in the architectural or interiors niche, Joel Grimes is an impressive photographer. His portraits, landscapes, and composite images are of the highest quality. You could think of him as a performer in the Champions League of Photographers (sorry, I am European, so translated for my American friends: the Superbowl).

Laurent Kronental’s Souvenir d’un Futur Project

This week’s featured project is a truly brilliant series by Parisian photographer Laurent Kronental. Laurent’s series Souvenir d’un Futur documents the lives of senior citizens who live in “Grands Ensembles” (large housing projects) around Paris.

Meet Austria Based CGI Artist and Architectural Photographer Christian Pichlkastner

Meet Vienna’s Christian Pichlkastner – a man who wears many hats. Christian studied as an industrial designer and interior designer. He became a talented CGI artist and is now also an architectural photographer. His expansive knowledge of all of these fields makes him such an interesting person to talk with.

Working While My Wife Tanned in the Sun – The Celebrity Edge

I absolutely love cruise vacations! For me, it’s the type of trip where I can mentally check out and worry about little to nothing at all. You have the ability to do as much or as little as you’d like, and on most cruise lines, the guests are treated like royalty.

Step Inside BlackCliff House With Award-Winning Architectural Photographer Ema Peter

In 2021, Architizer voted Ema Peter one of the top 5 architectural photography studios in the world. It is easy to see why. She makes stunning image after image and portrays projects in a way that shows the cleverness of the architecture, as well as its use and relation to humanity.

Meet Architectural Photographer Leonit Ibrahimi from @Creativefields

Leonit Ibrahimi is an architectural photographer based in Pristina, Kosovo. In this interview, we get into his background and how his path to photography was shaped by creating a massively popular Instagram account @creativefields. Now, Leonit is a professional architectural photographer.

An Unconventional but Fast Method for Color Correction

I don’t know how you balance the colors in your images, but here is one thing that I can guess – You are correcting colors differently than I am, and you are doing it differently than you were five years ago in your own workflow. There are so many tools in Photoshop that keep changing and evolving to help you achieve the right color balance in your images.

Check Out This Contemporary Polish Home as Photographed by Piotr Krajewski

Today’s featured project takes us to Konin, Poland where we’ll be checking out a contemporary residence by STOPROCENT Architekci called “K House.” K House was built over a long span of time. It was started in 2012, and after many unforeseen circumstances and changes, it was finally wrapped up in 2021!

You Should Be Charging Licensing Fees for Publication Use of Your Images

You just wrapped up an amazing shoot and delivered the images to your client, who loves them as always. A week or two later, you’re contacted by a publication asking to use the images in a story they are running. This is awesome! You’re over the moon and swelling with pride.

Meet Adrien Guitard, an Up and Coming French Architectural Photographer

Adrien Guitard is one of the up-and-coming architectural photographers that has caught my attention. Over the past few years, he has shared some really good projects. Adrien was a trained architect but has switched his career path over to photography.

Check Out This NFT Primer – Courtesy of Architectural Photographer Peter Molick

One of my goals for the new year is to endeavor to figure out what the heck an NFT is, and how, if at all, it could affect or benefit my work as a photographer.  As luck may have it, a serendipitous scroll through my Instagram feed led me to a recent article on the subject by one of our favorite photographers here at APAlmanac, our good friend Peter Molick. 

Lara Swimmer Makes Gorgeous Photographs of a High Prairie Retreat in Washington

“This project was all about the landscape and creating a retreat home for an Olympia, WA couple to get lost in the land with their dogs and with birding, which is one of their passions” recounts architectural photographer Lara Swimmer as she shares the story behind her time photographing High Prairie House by EB Architects.

Back Up! One of the Simplest Techniques for Improving Your Work

Like all of you, I am constantly trying to push myself to improve as a photographer.  Honing our craft is paramount to our continued success and part of the fun of our profession.  With that in mind, this year I am looking forward to sharing ideas and techniques that have aided me in my ongoing pursuit of perfection. 

Use the AIA & ASMP’s Guide to Commissioning Architectural Photography as a Powerful Client Resource

Images play a major role in defining how we come to know architecture and interiorspaces. Because photography is pivotal in understanding the built environment, choosing a professional to photograph your project is a most important consideration. -ASMP & AIA from their collaborative “Commissioning Architectural Photography” guide If you’re an architectural photographer looking to have an excellent new year of jobs with good client experiences, communication, and expectations, we have an awesome tool for you!

Kevin Brost Photographs an Underground Speakeasy in Phoenix

For our final Project of the Week this year, we’re closing things out with a very cool set of images by Arizona-based architectural photographer Kevin Brost. Today we’re looking at an underground cocktail bar in Phoenix called 36 Below by House of Form.
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