The APA Awards | Announcing the 2023 Project of the Year Winners

The APA Awards | Announcing the 2023 Project of the Year Winners

Images of architecture do not exist in a vacuum, and while one photograph can take a project around the world and into the media spotlight, working architects and photographers know that a complete set of images documenting an entire project is key to accurately showing an architect’s work and vision. From books to web articles and everything in between, the internet-famous phrase “pics or it didn’t happen” is the story here, and in a sense the story of all architecture. Note emphasis on the plural, because while anyone can get lucky with one photograph, the true test of skill is to deliver a series of photographs across a variety of lighting conditions. Whether that takes one day, multiple days back-to-back, or multiple return visits over a longer period of time, this category showcases the incredible depth of skill required to deliver a series of simultaneously gorgeous and thought-provoking images, covering an entire project from the outside in, in order that it be represented to the public as beautifully and completely as possible.

-Mike Kelley, Architectural Photography Almanac founder

Project of the Year: Non-residential

Winner: Hans Georg Esch | ATMOSPHERE by Krallerhof by Hadi Teherani

Hans Georg Esch was born in Neuwied, Germany in 1964 and is classically trained in photography. He’s worked as an architectural photographer and filmmaker since 1989. For this project, Hans’ primary goal was to illustrate how the architecture responds to its natural location. Understanding and showing context for any project is nearly always essential, and the setting for this structure was particularly relevant and inspirational for the design as the elongated orientation of the hotel provides views of the mountains in one direction and a backdrop of the forest in the other.

Hans will be recognized with a cash prize of $1,500 USD and a trophy from AP Almanac.

“Telling the story and encapsulating the spirit of an architectural project within a handful of images poses a significant challenge, yet this photographer rises above, delivering a masterful collection that transcends expectations. Through beautifully crafted shots taken under a variety of climatic conditions and at different times of the day, they exhibit an exceptional level of skill and execution. This portfolio showcases all the hallmarks of a master of architectural photography, from the meticulous attention to detail to the adept manipulation of light and shadow. With this impressive display of talent and artistic vision, the photographer has not only captured the essence of the project but has also captured my full attention.” – Gerry O’Leary

Project of the Year: Non-residential | Top 10:

Project of the Year: Residential

Winner: Dan Ryan | Cochise by TBD

Dan Ryan is a Phoenix-based architecture photographer and videographer with an unwavering love for the interplay between art and design. His work focuses on showcasing the captivating structures that dot the Western landscape. From rugged deserts to majestic mountains and along picturesque coastlines, he seeks out the hidden gems and iconic landmarks that define the region’s distinctive architectural identity. For this project, Dan wanted to showcase the materials as well as how the sun interacted with the home.

Dan will be recognized with a cash prize of $1,500 USD and a trophy from AP Almanac.

“The spirit of the desert. It’s all about framing the landscape and openness of the desert.” Valéry Augustin

Project of the Year: Residential | Top 10:

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