The APA Awards | Announcing the 2023 New + Emerging Talent Winners

The APA Awards | Announcing the 2023 New + Emerging Talent Winners

It is always with great excitement that we announce the winners of our emerging talent competition. Not only is it absolutely humbling to see how incredible the up-and-coming new wave of architectural photographers are, but I get to spend time with the winner each year in a one-on-one workshop in order to develop their business skills and photography practice. This year we had an absolute blast with Laura Deus of Portugal – it was one of the most fun weeks of my life, and it’s always great to hang out with other architectural photographers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this field is filled with genuinely good people and it’s one of my favorite parts of being an architecture photographer.

Our top five winners each get a trophy – but one ‘takes home’ the grand prize. I look forward to following each and every one of your careers, as I am sure you are all destined for incredible success if you keep at it.

-Mike Kelley, Architectural Photography Almanac founder

Grand Prize Winner: Graham Handford

For over 10 years, Vancouver-based Graham Handford has worked as a graphic designer for architects. Recently, he’s shifted his focus to documenting the built environment through photography. With his design background, Graham is able to layer design fundamentals with elements that make for an engaging photograph: scale, depth, lighting, atmospheric conditions, animation, and context.

As the grand prize winner, Graham will receive a trophy and all expenses paid trip to California for a private workshop with AP Almanac founder Mike Kelley.

“These images do a great job at selling the buildings they depict, which is often our team’s main challenge–how do you capture the story of a building with only a single image? I think each of these succeeds in doing just that while also demonstrating how these buildings interact with their physical context and surrounding community.” – Allison Ball

Runner-up: Ekansh Goel

After graduating as an Architect with a mild interest in photography, a stranger on the internet suggested that Ekansh explore architectural photography and in 2020, he began his architecture photography journey. Through my photographs, I try to capture stories that emerge within a space. The interaction of the built with its human inhabitants not only adds scale but also establishes a meaningful connection.

Ekansh will be recognized with a trophy from AP Almanac.

“The ability to capture the built environment under intriguing light and to include people without staging the photography is excellent.” – Silvia Kuhle

Runner-up: Sami Saastamoinen

Sami is a photographer based in Helsinki, Finland who primarily photographs architecture and interiors. He aims to show the buildings as breathing objects in harmony with their users, materials, and light.

Sami will be recognized with a trophy from AP Almanac.

Runner-up: Patrick Martinez

Based in Spokane, Washington, Patrick approaches each project with the intention of blending client expectations with his personal creative aesthetic. Patrick relies heavily on the human form to help convey purpose and scale.

Patrick will be recognized with a trophy from AP Almanac.

“For exterior architectural photography, the timing is paramount. and with image no 1, this photographer has clearly demonstrated their extraordinary ability. The dynamic and captivating impact of this dusk shot stands out, suggesting that, based on this single image alone, the photographer could have easily taken the top prize. The image’s compelling composition and lighting capture the essence of dusk, making it truly arresting and a testament to the photographer’s skillful execution and artistic vision.” – Gerry O’Leary

Runner-up: Kathy Wallace

Kathy Wallace is a Sydney-based paralegal who has taken up architecture photography as a passion project. This set was taken across Australia and New Zealand and focuses on colors in architecture.

Kathy will be recognized with a trophy from AP Almanac.

“Color, composition, and geometry are on point. These photos work beautifully as a triptych. The pictures are vibrant and give me a sense of playfulness.” -Valéry Augustin

New + Emerging Talent | Top 10:

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