Project of the Week: James Florio / Cazú Zegers

Patagonia is one of the most extreme and beautiful places on this planet. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit, so lucky for me, the masterful James Florio is taking us on a visual adventure to an incredible hotel there. This week’s featured project takes place at architect Cazú Zegers Hotel Tierra Patagonia.

A Conversation with Architect Eric Reinholdt and Photographer Trent Bell

Photographer Trent Bell and architect Eric Reinholdt recently teamed up to make this video and and the result is a rare insight into both the mind of an architect and a photographer. Eric as designer and Trent as his long time photographer have a great relationship and it shows; and the insight provided by their creative relationship is very valuable.

Photographing the Broad Museum: Making an Architectural Photography Book, Part Four

One of the most recognizable buildings I had the chance to photograph for my book New Architecture Los Angeles was the Broad Museum, a beautiful project in downtown LA designed by Diller Scofidio+Renfro. As it’s literally one of the most photographed subjects in the entire city, I wanted to make sure I created images that were actually different than everybody else’s.

How Can We Improve APA and Make It More Helpful?

I started this blog in an effort to help architectural photographers learn about the business of photography, be inspired by the best work and photographers in the world, and share information about retouching, equipment, and techniques. And even though it's been just a few short months, I want to know what we can do more of to make it a better resource for readers.

Can We Use Your Picture(s) in Our Book? Only If You Pay Me

It’s an email I get weekly. “My name is John and I work for this massive publisher, and we love your image of that thing. We’re creating a book for our client, and want to use your beautiful image as a spread in the book – can we get permission?” I’m always happy when publishers, corporations, or individuals want to use my images in their books.

I am An Architecture Photographer – Ask Me Anything!

I recently participated in an open forum on Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet.” The idea of the thread was “ask me anything,” a popular interview-type format where readers submit questions about anything under the sun for the host to answer.

Review: Put Your Camera Anywhere With a Platypod

Over the past few years, my gear bag has been reduced to the absolute bare minimum. This is to make my traveling life easier, to reduce weight so my herniated disc doesn’t flare up every third minute, and to keep breakage and repair troubles far away – after all, the less things there are to break, the less things break.

Project of the Week: Maíra Acayaba / Frederico Sabella Arquitetura

This week we're back in Brazil, but this time with the great Maíra Acayaba. Three hours outside of São Paulo lies the Gonçalves municipality, home to our featured project, Casa Gonçalves by Frederico Sabella Arquitetura. Maíra Acayaba has a stellar body of work as a whole, but Casa Gonçalves is hands down my favorite series. Perched on top of the highest mountain in the Gonçalves region, the house sits among the clouds. Maíra had to split the shoot into two days to combat the fast-moving fog and cloud cover that came and went.

Having Trouble Getting Paid? Here’s Some Inspiration and Help

It’s a struggle that every creative professional deals with all too often, especially early in your career: chasing invoices, non-responsive clients, unauthorized usage of assets, the list goes on. Here I’ve compiled some of my favorite links and videos that will help you light a fire to get paid for your work – and if nothing else, will inspire you to re-write those contracts so you never get yanked around again!

Dear Appy: When to Drop the Lawyer Hammer, Pretending to Be Tony Soprano

KH Asks: Can you explain how you handle copyright infringement across multiple platforms including social media? It seems incredibly easy for a business to steal work and use it for their gain. I noticed on your personal website there are no watermarks.

Interview: Architectural Photography Success in a Small Market with Seth Parker

Today we’re going on a ride with Nashville-based architectural photographer Seth Parker. This is a long interview, but one that is dripping with advice that should be shouted from a mountain top. Shooting for clients like Starbucks, Stanley Black and Decker, and ahem…the NFL, he’s got the portfolio (and hilarious tales) to back up his 19-year long career.

Project of the Week: Åke E:son Lindman / Kolman Boye

On this episode of Project of the Week, we’re teleporting you to the Norwegian wilderness. Keeping in line with last week’s moody & broody theme, Swedish architectural photographer Åke Lindman has documented Kolman Boye's Vega Cottage complete with foggy exteriors and soft-lit interiors. The atmosphere of this set renders it worthy of Project of the Week, so let's dive on in!

Interview: Latin America’s Architect Turned Photographer, Lorena Darquea

Lorena Darquea is a well-traveled architectural photographer who is celebrated for putting modern Ecuadorian architecture on the map. She is also listed as one of the top rising women in architectural photography by ArchDaily. Both a well-studied architect and photographer, she is insanely skilled at giving each project in a pure and honest portrayal. We were happy to be able to sit down and pick her brain on what makes for good photography from an architect's standpoint.

Pro vs Amateur Architectural Photographer: And the Winner is…

A little over a year ago Mike Kelley, the head honcho, and big cheese at AP Almanac lost against Lee Morris in an architectural photography challenge. This was a huge surprise and an upsetting result for many who are fans of Kelley. This year they decided on doing a similar contest to see who is, in fact, the best architectural photographer between the two.

How I Deal With Instagram as a Professional Photographer

Instagram can be an incredibly powerful tool, but also a very annoying, almost disheartening thorn in your side. While it has great promotional value, the flipside is that it is rife with image theft, copyright infringement, enough vagaries to make your head spin, and the unavoidable irritation that comes with constantly comparing yourself to others.

Is Medium Format the Best Option for Architectural Photography?

Cameras like the Phase One XF system and the Hasselblad H6D offer some the largest commercially available digital sensors currently on the market. Generally speaking, larger sensors tend to offer better image quality; this isn’t explicitly true but for the most part, it’s what most people experience.

You Can’t Fight Without an F-You Fund

When it comes to negotiations, as a photographer (or any freelance artist, for that matter) you’ve got to master the art of not being emotionally invested in the outcome – something that is nearly impossible to do. But without it, you’ll never be able to break free of difficult clients and underpaid gigs.

Project of the Week: Arch-Exist Photography / Xiao Yin Architecture Design Firm

Xiao Yin Architecture Design Firm's "Ranwu Lake Campsite" has been so masterfully documented by the crew at Arch-Exist Photography that I felt like I was transported there, and I can't stop looking at this set of photographs. What I admire most about this series by Arch-Exist is how they captured the structures of the campground in tandem with the environment of Ranwu Lake, all with plenty of mood. Contrary to most architecture photography that's put out into the world, this set is dark and deep and a bit otherworldly feeling.

Interview: Exploring Kenyan Architecture With Mutahi Chiira

Mutahi Chiira is an architectural photographer hailing from Nairobi, Kenya. Mutahi became a fast friend of mine throughout this interview and has shed such great light on Kenyan architecture and his personal best practices as a photographer and business owner in Africa.

This Cheaper Lens could be a Better Alternative to the Canon 17mm Tilt-Shift

As architectural photographers, the main types of lenses we use are tilt-shift lenses. They’re simply incredible for the kind of work we do and the control they offer make them indispensable. The main issue with these lenses, however, is the fact they cost quite a lot of money especially if you’re aiming to have the full set.
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