How I Photographed Carla House, One of My Favorite Shoots of 2019

One of my most memorable shoots of 2019 took place at a beautiful location in Beverly Hills, CA. An architectural masterpiece designed by Walker Workshop situated on a ridgetop in the famed Trousdale Estates neighborhood, this house was an absolute stunner and the project had been on my radar for a good 3-4 years before I actually got the chance to photograph it.

Duo Roehner + Ryan Photograph a Desert Inspired New-Build

Human history is full of great duos, and this week, we’re introducing you to a pair of architectural photographers who should be on that list! These guys are equal parts talented and sweet as can be. Their work for this particular project can be seen on a list of Dezeens Top 10 Posts, and on Dwell Community’s Top 20 homes among others.

Will There Ever Be Another World’s Tallest Building?

In my never-ending quest to soak up as much architectural knowledge as possible, I stumbled across this video by one of our favorite YouTube channels, The B1M. While not directly related to architectural photography, the video provides a very interesting insight into the economics and struggles involved when it comes to pushing through landmark developments on the scale of Shanghai Tower, Burj Khalifa, etc – subjects that we’d all love to get hired to photograph.

Perfect Compositions and Clean Edits and With Lisa Petrole

Working a desk job doesn’t sound so bad if it’s at the Campari Group’s Canadian office. With Emil Teleki’s minimal fresh designs, this ain’t your daddy’s office. Photographed by the one and only Lisa Petrole, you’re in for clean colors, perfect compositions, and beautiful light.

Niveditaa Gupta on Pivoting an Architecture Career to a Photographic Career

Niveditaa Gupta is an emerging architectural photographer from New Delhi, India. Her path to becoming a photographer stemmed from a research paper she was writing as part of her architectural degree. Her creative approach to photography and filmmaking, along with her role as a photographer in an emerging market so different than what we normally read about made for fascinating insight.

Killer Deals This Week on Apple Laptops at B+H

This week, BH Photo Video is running a special that I actually think would benefit photographers looking to pick up a spare laptop for tethering or who are looking to scoop up a good deal on a pretty powerful computer. With Macbooks as low as $1200, and instant savings of $200 on the brand new 16″ Macbook Pro, if you’re in the market for a new laptop this might be a great time to buy – there are deals of all sorts on a wide variety of Macbooks, so check them out here.

Photographing a Paradisaic Ocean-Front Club With Mike Schwartz

Warning: This Project of the Week may induce strong yearnings for a beach vacation. Up on this week’s featured project docket is The Surf Club, photographed by architectural and interiors photographer Mike Schwartz. What I love about this project is the clear progression of time throughout the shoot.

Three Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made as a Professional Architectural Photographer

In a previous article, I discussed five mistakes that beginner architectural photographers tend to make. Since then I thought about how I’ve obviously made mistakes since then and although they may not be relatable to beginners there are still lessons one can draw from them.

Kevin Scott Photographs A Museum Perched in the Dolomites

If you’re hungry for great architecture photography in an epic location that harnesses great compositions and use of models, look no further than this Project of the Week! Today we’ll be exploring NYC based photographer Kevin Scott’s images of The Messner Mountain Museum Corones by Zaha Hadid Architects.

Why Are Architecture Photography Rates In The UK So Low?

Over the years I’ve had the great fortune of befriending many very talented photographers from around the world; I’ve also come to have an obsession with all things British thanks to binging episodes of Grand Designs and Top Gear. Consider me another American British Fetishist, I suppose.

How Do You Pronounce APAlmanac? Do We Have a Conundrum Here?

I was recently talking to my mother and she said she was enjoying the blog – what was it called? Apple-maniac? Damnit, mom! And she’s not alone – I’ve had a few people bring it up in conversation, so I want to pose a couple questions to our excellent readership and settle the most important debate of our time.

How to Tactfully Handle Egregious Rights Grabs

It seems near-constantly that we are asked for ‘all rights’ to the photographs, or to own them in ‘perpetuity’ for some reason or another, but a recent e-mail exchange I was a part of presented a perfect opportunity to share one way I ensure my clients have the license they need while at the same time not giving in to overreach and a loss of image rights.

Shooting Luxe Dark Interiors With Barry MacKenzie

Barry MacKenzie is a tour de force player in the Architectural Photography / Interiors game. Chances are, you’ve seen him on the PROEDU tutorials, at his workshops with Tony Roslund, or heard him lately in his role as co-founder and host of our favorite new podcast, BAAM.All

Understanding Architecture: What Makes a Beautiful City?

As architecture photographers, it is our job to have a solid understanding of architecture. I recently taught a workshop to a group of aspiring photographers and when I asked “who is familiar with the work of Richard Meier? Zaha Hadid?” a shockingly low number of hands went up – which tells me we have a problem here!

How Dave Kulesza’s Home Renovation Led to a New Career as an Architectural Photographer

I recently had the opportunity to chat with one of my favourite fellow Melbourne based photographers, Dave Kulesza, about his journey into photographing interiors and architecture which transpired through a home renovation project. Dave’s fascinating career has evolved on his own terms, culminating in a solo show featuring his project DPRK: The Colors of North Korea.

Felix Mooneeram Documents the Effortlessly Cool ‘Ghost House’

BPN Architects’ Ghost House has been causing a ruckus across the architecture industry, winning awards and being picked up by publications; and rightfully so because it’s so stinkin’ cool! As-Cast concrete, huge windows, modern lighting, and bold symmetry make this house worthy of Project of the Week.

How to Use HDR and Get Away With It

HDR has become a dirty word in professional architectural photography. We’ve all seen the over-processed HDR real estate photos where the colors and tones are off, and everything looks crispy and awful. Don’t get me wrong; tasteful HDR like the work of Trey Ratcliff as an artistic choice, now that can be cool.
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