Tuomas Uusheimo Photographs Helsinki’s Fun and Funky Oodi Library

Helsinki, Finland. A place riddled with funky architecture and rich design. Heck, there’s even a great band named — well — Architecture in Helsinki. This week we dive into a great piece of modern Nordic design by ALA Architects’. Enter, the Oodi Library.

Anjie Blair On Transitioning From Real Estate to Architectural & Interiors Photography

I have been following Anjie Blair’s work on Instagram for a couple of years and have been lucky to witness her career and work evolve into something that could be described simply as magnificent. Anjie hails from a wonderful part of Australia called Tasmania, and today we talk to Anjie about from losing her dream job, finding her way into photography and now transitioning into architectural & interiors photography.

Leofoto Announces G2 Geared Head; Sets Sights Squarely on Arca Swiss

I never thought I’d type the words “competition heats up in tiny geared head market” but alas, competition is heating up in the tiny geared head market. In a space that has been dominated by Manfrotto and Arca Swiss for, as far as I can tell, decades, new competitors are beginning to pop up – one of which is Chinese company LeoFoto, who recently announced their G2 geared head which seems to be a direct shot across the bow of Arca Swiss.

How to Raise Your Rates While Mitigating Risk as a Photographer

In order to grow your photography business, you must constantly be re-assessing and re-evaluating how you are doing business. One integral part of your business is how you price your services and capabilities; doing this incorrectly and undervaluing or overvaluing what you provide can be your downfall as a professional.

Creating Deliciously Moody Vignettes With Haris Kenjar

It’s finally feeling like autumn on America’s East Coast, which means an ushering in of all things dark, autumnal colors palates, and a craving for cozy. The embodiment of all those feelings is this series of interior design photographs by Haris Kenjar.

Why Are Some of the Best Photographers the Least Successful?

I can comfortably say that I’m not the most talented photographer that I know. I know plenty of photographers that are extremely talented. The kind of work they produce is simply astounding and I’m consistently impressed by them. The issue is that many of these photographers tend not to be as successful than many other photographers I know who may not be as capable.

Arca Swiss Announces Core 75 Leveler; Perhaps The Perfect Mid-Sized Geared Head

Anybody who photographs buildings knows about geared heads; they are simply the foundation upon which we build our images. For as long as I’ve been a photographer, Arca Swiss has set the gold standard in high quality geared heads and they recently announced an addition to their lineup: The Core 75 Leveler, which appears to slot nicely between the C1 Cube and Core 60 Leveler.

Can You Correct Tilt-Shift Lens Distortion Using Built in Profiles in Lightroom?

Short answer? There is no lens correction profile in Lightroom specially dedicated to tilt-shift lenses. Okay, then why am I writing about it? Because contrary to popular belief, there are some profiles that can be applied, and they actually correct most of the major issues.

Inside An Iconic Malibu Architectural Masterpiece with Roger Davies

There is a special place in Californian architecture marked by the renowned work of architect John Lautner. Kicking off his career as Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentice, Lautner fell into his own iconic style and took over the West Coast mid-century scene.

How To Report And Remove Intellectual Property Theft on Instagram – 2019 Edition

You’re having a great day, birds are chirping, sun is shining, life is good… Until you come across someone, or something, using one of your images without even the courtesy of credit. I’ve had enough, and I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’ve also had enough, so I’m going to show you how to get stolen and uncredited content removed from instagram.

Ask Appy: Now I Am Become Death, the Destroyer of Drones

MM Asks: What does your “typical” day look like? MK: There is not really any ‘typical’ day. I shoot probably 1-4 local gigs a month (LA) and then usually do one bigger travel job every month. I divide my life into two kinds of days…days where I set an alarm (flights or shooting) and days when I don’t, hah!

A Simple $3.99 Fix To Help Improve Your Styling Prowess

Styling and propping is important for every architectural photo, and as anyone who’s photographed on location knows, some things are out of our control – such as the weather, the wind, the quality of construction, and the angle at which doors are installed.

How to Make More Money with Cost-Sharing

Cost-sharing is a common business practice in architecture and interiors photography that allows the photographer to make more money by providing more clients access to project images for less money. It may sound counterintuitive at first, but can be a simple way to create happier clients while significantly improving profit margins with little additional overhead.

Hufton & Crow Tell Us About Photographing the World’s Largest Airport

A headliner on CNN, Curbed, Dezeen, and Architectural Digest, this week’s featured project has been widely talked about in the press and has made waves across the architecture community. A truly incredible undertaking, Zaha Hadid Architects‘ Bejing Daxing International Airport is a 12.9 billion dollar, 700,000 square meter masterpiece.

Photo Credit: The Eternal Struggle Of Credit Where It’s Due

The photo credit is an important, yet sometimes elusive, piece of the professional architecture photographer pie. With the speed at which the photography landscape is changing, there are varying standards for getting photo credit in almost every situation.

Landing That One ‘Dream Job’ Won’t Change Your Career

I’ve lost count of how many times I thought that one dream job that I finally landed would steer my career in some lofty direction. This, finally, would show those top designers/architects/hotel marketing people that I can handle photographing a museum, church, multi-million dollar mansion, design icon skyscraper, or whatever shiny object was the object of my affection that day.

Matthew Millman documents AIA CC Merit Awarded ‘House of Earth & Sky’

Alert! Alert! Great architecture inbound. This week’s featured project is Matthew Millman’s photographs of AIA CC Merit awarded House of Earth & Sky by Aidlin Darling. And where there is beautiful architecture, there is beautiful photography. This series is steeped in strong geometric shapes and the golden light that early evening brings.

How to Prevent Camera Shake When Photographing Architecture

Have you ever spent the day on location only to return home to go through the day’s work and realize that some of the images have motion blur? This is probably one of the most annoying little things you may encounter when starting to work as an architecture or interiors photographer.

RSS Feed Now Available On APAlmanac

We have received dozens of emails requesting this feature and I am happy to report that it has been enabled on our website. Check out the footer (scroll all the way down) to subscribe to the RSS feed and add APA to your Feedly, Inoreader, or other RSS news app of your choice.
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