Don’t Sign Your Life Away!

Psychologically, when we receive a document that’s flattened or includes only certain spaces to add information, we are conditioned to accept it as-is (well, most of us). However, until you sign it, nothing is set in stone.

Storytelling in Architectural Photography With Eymeric Widling

Calgary-based architectural and interiors photographer Eymeric Widling is an incredible artist. Starting out as a student of journalism, Eymeric’s style perfectly melds a documentarian approach meshed with tidy, pristinely lit commercial images.

Arch Photo Pod’s Season 1 Comes to a Close — Catch These Inspiring Interviews With Photographers Brian Berkowitz and Garett Buell

A few weeks ago we shared a bit about Jordan Power’s architectural photography podcast Arch Photo Pod, a limited series of interviews with folks from the architectural photography community. Since our post, Jordan has released the last two episodes — episode 7 with APA Project of the Week veteran and luxury retail photographer Brian Berkowitz, and more recently episode 8 with Garett Buell who has shared such great insight with APA readers in the past with his tiny house Project of the Week, and contributions to the massive You Should Be Charging Licensing Fees for Publication Use of Your Images article.

After several months of using rolling backpacks on shoots, here is what I’ve learned

As professional photographers, we need to be able to sell not only our photographs but also ourselves – our image. It’s not just about the clients you’ve worked with, the quality of your portfolio, or the prices and deadlines you offer. Many clients, often unconsciously, are also buying you as a person.

Discussing the Form and Beauty of a Factory in Ahmedabad With Photographer Atik Bheda

Today’s project of the week takes us back to India! This time, we’re looking at the work of Ahmedabad-based architectural photographer Atik Bheda and his photographs of a factory designed by IKSOI. Formerly a practicing architect of 8 years, Atik masterfully shows structures in their true form.

101 Basics – Straight Verticals, White Balance, & Correct Exposure

There will always be newbies entering the genre of architecture photography, and along with that inexperience can be unfamiliarity around some core, fundamental principles. If this sounds like you, then I hope the following videos help. Granted there’s multiple ways to “skin the cat” when it comes to getting your verticals straight, obtaining the correct white balance, and making sure you have an overall properly exposed image.

Atul Pratap Chauhan Showcases an Incredible Hotel in Jaipur

Villa Palladio Jaipur is a nine-room country estate that has been featured on the cover of VOGUE Arabia, Condé Nast Traveller, and Living Italy Magazine as one of the best new hotels in the world. Showcasing the Villa’s soaring ceilings, brilliant red paint job, and spirited design is Atul Pratap Chauhan, an India-based interiors, hospitality, and architectural photographer.

Shawn Talbot Walks Us Through Photographing The Erica Jane Restaurant, From Blocking Traffic to Fixing Tables in Post!

Adventurer, pilot, architectural photographer, hospitality photographer, and advertising photographer – these are just a few of the many hats that our good friend Shawn Talbot wears. Shawn’s work has been picked up by National Geographic, the Globe and Mail, the Smithsonian Institute and Macleans Magazine and it is easy to see why.

Smallrig Wants Your Feedback As They Design Their New Production Cart

Many architectural photographers use “video camera” carts. These small production carts with wheels allow you to comfortably transport a lot of equipment, especially when working with flashes and grip equipment. It is also a very good option for working with a computer in tethering mode.

Get to Know the Lives and Businesses of Your Fellow Photographers in Jordan Powers’s New Podcast

Looking for something to keep you company on your long editing days or drive to your next shoot? Jordan Powers has released a new architectural photography geared podcast called Arch Photo Pod. In Arch Photo Pod, Jordan sits down with other architectural and interior photographers on his travels and chats a bit about their backgrounds, their businesses, and lives.

Joe Thomas Takes Us To An Architectural Lodge Nestled In The South Island of New Zealand

The Lindis is a luxury architectural lodge located along the Ahuriri River in the South Island of New Zealand,” explains Joe Thomas – our featured photographer this week. Joe is a New York based architectural, interior, and travel photographer. He we also a finalist in our 2021 Architectural Photography Awards!

A medium-sized tripod that we can always take with us: review of Leofoto LQ-284C

Not everyone who takes photos needs to have a tripod. However, in architectural photography, a camera practically doesn’t exist without a tripod. Moreover, it is worth having more than one tripod! Many people believe that the optimal solution is to have three models… A large, versatile “workhorse” tripod (such as the previously mentioned Leofoto LM-324CL or the competing Gitzo GT3543XLS) A medium-sized tripod that we can always take with us, for example, in carry-on luggage or attach to a backpack when going hiking (Albrecht Voss described the Gitzo GK2545T-82QD model) A pocket-sized tabletop tripod that can be useful in specific situations (check out Mike Kelley’s review of the Platypod or the Gitzo Mini Traveler Tabletop Tripod).

Karina Castro On Photographing a Sublime Swiss School

Today’s Project of the Week takes us on a journey with Milan-based photographer Karina Castro. Karina is sharing her photographs of a new school designed by Haller Gut Architects in Aaberg, Switzerland. As with all of Karina’s beautiful work, you can expect to see plenty of directional light, shapely shadows, subdued color palettes, and compositions that play with shape and line.

Check Out Jim Stephenson’s “The Architect Has Left The Building” at RIBA This Summer

Architectural photographer and filmmaker Jim Stephenson has a thought-provoking, dual-screen exhibit at the Royal Institute of British Architects London Festival of Architecture this summer. The film is essentially a lesson in people-watching in post-occupancy architecture and explores how humans interact with the spaces they are immersed in, whether as intended or not.

Protecting Your Time With Site Condition Clauses

Editors note: This is where we have to jump in and remind you that APALMANAC is proud to be partnered with California-based intellectual property attorney Leslie Burns. Please remember that the answers here are not legal advice, but rather for educational purposes.
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