The 2022 Project of the Year Award Winners

At last, we’ve reached our final category of winners to announce – the 2022 Project of the Year award. Project of the Year is our most highly rewarded category, with a cash prize of $2500 USD going to the winner along with our Project of the Year Award Winner trophy, while the runner-up receives $500 USD and our slightly smaller (but still awesome) 2nd place trophy.

The 2022 Photo of the Year Award Winners

It’s time to announce the winners of the 2022 Photo of the Year Award! The Photo of the Year Award is one of the most simple and straightforward categories in our Architectural Photography Awards. We asked photographers to submit their defining photographs of 2022.

The 2022 Early Career and Emerging Talent Architectural Photography Award Winners

It’s time to announce the official winners of the 2022 Early Career and Emerging Talent Award! The Early Career and Emerging Talent category is the APA Award’s most entered and most competitive category. Just like last year, we are blown away by the talent and hard work of all the new architectural photographers out there.

The Official 2022 Architectural Photography Awards Project of the Year Shortlist

It’s time to share our final shortlist of finalists for the 2022 Architectural Photography Awards! The Project of the Year award is our most demanding category and sports the largest cash prize. For Project of the Year, we asked photographers to submit 5-8 images of a single project or subject which were judged on criteria such as technical ability, composition, consistency of editing, color, and lighting, and overall impression.

The Official 2022 Architectural Photography Awards Photo of the Year Shortlist

We’re excited to present more finalists from the 2022 Architectural Photography Awards! Today we’ll be sharing our shortlist of the 10 highest-scoring entries from the 2022 Photo of the Year Award category. The Photo of the Year Award seeks to find images that powerfully communicate the sense of place, beauty, and design prowess inherent in our architectural world.

The Official 2022 Architectural Photography Awards Early Career & Emerging Talent Shortlist

Finally! The judges’ results are in and we’re ready to start sharing the finalists from the 2022 Architectural Photography Awards. We’re shaking things up from last year’s awards. Instead of stringing things out and sharing a longlist, shortlist, and winners, we’ll be sharing a shortlist and then will have a separate announcement for this year’s winners, runners-up, and honorable mention places.

Explore This Lakeside Home in Laurentides with Photographer Raphaël Thibodeau

Today we’re headed to Laurentides, Canada to view a gorgeous lakeside home called La Tierce by Atelier BOOM-TOWN. Our featured photographer this week is none other than Montreal-based architectural photographer Raphaël Thibodeau! Raphaël does such a wonderful job of creating quiet, thoughtful photographs of architecture, especially in snowy scenes.

Inside The House from Succession: Season Four

Living in Los Angeles and working as an architectural photographer provides some pretty spectacular opportunities. One in particular was getting commissioned to photograph the home (you know the one) from Succession’s fourth season – here’s a look inside and some thoughts on the process.

Climbing and Carting Through the Desert, Ales Vyslouzil Had a Blast Photographing the Banyan Tree AlUla Resort

In my humble opinion, Ales Vyslouzil is the king of photographing high-end desert resorts. He seems to have carved out quite the niche for himself and is no stranger to appearing on APALMANAC for these sorts of projects — like in his past project of the week at the Mysk Moon Retreat or in our interview together where Ales speaks on swapping careers from being an engineer to an architectural photographer in the UAE.

Achieving the Coveted “Editorial Look” – One Major Ingredient

Opinions will vary drastically on how to achieve (or even define what exactly is) that coveted “editorial look” in architecture & design photography. In fact, as I type out this paragraph, I’m not exactly sure if I could even define what it is (yes I understand the irony).

How Food & Beverage Photography Helps Shape the Hospitality Industry

Let’s face it when photographing in the world of Architecture & Design photography, there are often other components that we are requested to capture by the client. A staged portrait of the client, lifestyle images, or food and drink photography for the hotel or restaurant.

Putting the Leofoto LM-324CL Tripod Through Its Paces

A tripod can serve as support for both the camera and the photographer who is exhausted after a long photo session. It can also be a declaration of the photographer’s presence, expressing their intention to capture their subject. During documentary projects, I have consciously used a large format analog camera placed on a tripod, which drew the attention of passersby and became a pretext for conversation, facilitating the establishment of contact with people I wanted to photograph, for example, to take their portraits.

Interior Design Photography in Philadelphia – Brian Wetzel Dives Deep Into His Process

When I set out to do these video interviews, this was the kind of conversation that I was hoping for – one to two hours absolutely jam-packed with knowledge, experience, tips, tricks, idea sharing and stories. This conversation was such a pleasure for me and I am so grateful to Brian Wetzel for his willingness to share as openly and as generously as he did.

The distinct ambiance of the Emily Resort Hotel through the eyes of Ukrainian photographer Yevhenii Avramenko

I have been following Yevhenii Avramenko’s work for a long time. I am delighted with his view of the spaces he photographs. Each photo shoot, regardless of the architect, is imbued with the atmosphere and style inherent in this photographer. The color, soft contrast, and unsurpassed work with natural light create a poetic image, turning simple design documentation into a reflection of the story that permeates the interior.

Marnie Hawson Challenges Architectural Photographers To Use Their Businesses For Good

As photographers, we spend a great deal of time thinking about how we can make money. In her latest journal article, photographer Marnie Hawson challenges us to think about how we can use our money. Marnie Hawson is an environmental scientist turned architectural and interiors photographer.

György Palkó & I Talk Business, Personal Projects, and Workflow in Our Latest Interview

György Palkó is an architectural photographer based in Hungary. He has recently published his own book about architecture in Budapest 2000-2020. György is also a staff writer here at APA. So enjoy this interview where he and I get into how he started out, how his business has grown, his favorite buildings, and much, much more.

From Start to Finish, Adam Rouse Makes His Mark on Aidlin Darling Design’s “The Prow”

On this episode of Project of the Week, we head to the Seattle waterfront with former Aidlin Darling architect-turned-photographer Adam Rouse. We’ll be looking at Adam’s photographs of The Prow on the Expedia campus. Adam directed The Prow while at Aidlin Darling Design, and has so much insight to share about the structure’s design and how it influences the photography.

2022 Architectural Photography Awards ‘Editor’s Choice Award’ & Contest Update

While we wait for the judges to put their finishing touches on their selections of winners for the 2022 Architectural Photography Awards, we thought it would be fun to comb through the submissions ourselves! There are so many stunning photographs that have been submitted this year, and we are eager to show off the sheer amount of talent here, so we’ve decided to introduce a new bonus category in the meantime: The Editor’s Choice Award We’ve gone through all of the entries separately from the judges and selected our 10 favorite photographs from each category, which we’ve listed here in alphabetical order.

Basic SEO for Humans… and Architectural Photographers

When it comes to search engine optimization, the internet can feel a little like the wild west. There are endless spam emails promising fast SEO results, expensive software, dense jargon... We've put together this article to share what we know about using your architectural photography website as a marketing tool and setting it up to do the heavy lifting for you without wasting time or money.
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