Join Mike Kelley and Simon Devitt in Finland For a One-Of-a-Kind Workshop

Join Mike Kelley and Simon Devitt in Finland For a One-Of-a-Kind Workshop

In August 2023, Mike Kelley and Simon Devitt will host an exclusive workshop deep in Finland’s Archipelago National Park at the world-renowned and self-built Project Archipelago. Designed and built by Aleksi Hautamaki, founder of Bond Creative, it is located in some of the world’s most pristine wilderness surrounded by the placid blue waters of the Baltic Sea.

CamRanger 2: A Non-Tethered Shooter’s Review

What are the key factors that drive architectural photographers to shoot tethered? I have been shooting untethered for the last 3 years and the question has popped up more than once in my mind. Recently there was an opportunity here at APAlmanac to do a review of the CamRanger 2 (Thanks Dave!)

Tom Kundig On The Parallels Between Mountain Climbing and Architecture

Tom Kundig is one of the founders of Seattle-based architectural firm Olson Kungdig. This podcast by Time Sensitive explores one of Tom’s greatest passions, mountain climbing, and how pursuit of the sport helped him become an internationally successful architect.

How to Critique Images (And Get Great Feedback on Your Own Images, Too!)

As architectural photography becomes a more popular genre both on and off the internet, the number of people taking part in critiques (whether warranted or not) has exploded. As a member of a number of groups and fora frequented by thousands of architectural photographers from all around the world, I’ve noticed an alarming trend over the past few years.

Will There Ever Be Another World’s Tallest Building?

In my never-ending quest to soak up as much architectural knowledge as possible, I stumbled across this video by one of our favorite YouTube channels, The B1M. While not directly related to architectural photography, the video provides a very interesting insight into the economics and struggles involved when it comes to pushing through landmark developments on the scale of Shanghai Tower, Burj Khalifa, etc – subjects that we’d all love to get hired to photograph.

Killer Deals This Week on Apple Laptops at B+H

This week, BH Photo Video is running a special that I actually think would benefit photographers looking to pick up a spare laptop for tethering or who are looking to scoop up a good deal on a pretty powerful computer. With Macbooks as low as $1200, and instant savings of $200 on the brand new 16″ Macbook Pro, if you’re in the market for a new laptop this might be a great time to buy – there are deals of all sorts on a wide variety of Macbooks, so check them out here.

Three Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made as a Professional Architectural Photographer

In a previous article, I discussed five mistakes that beginner architectural photographers tend to make. Since then I thought about how I’ve obviously made mistakes since then and although they may not be relatable to beginners there are still lessons one can draw from them.

Photographing A Hungarian Countryside Home, Part 3: The Kitchen Shot

We have arrived at my third and final image in this series, and this time, we’re photographing an interior. In the first two articles, I showed how I create twilight and daylight exterior images. To create this image, I used just a handful of techniques, such as blending different exposures, cloning, cropping and making some color adjustments.

Photographing A Hungarian Countryside Home, Part Two: With or Without You?

In part two of my behind-the-scenes series in the Hungarian countryside, I’m going to jump into (ha ha…) a more complicated daylight image that I created. This image, like anything in architectural photography, contains quite a bit more than meets the eye, and utilized many different techniques to put together a visually harmonious image.

Should You Use Artificial Light for Architectural Photography?

Yes, no, maybe so! There are so many specific use cases and I get asked nearly daily. "Why did your style change?" "Did you use lights on this?" "Wow I love this natural style you're using nowadays" "Why don't you shoot like you used to?"

Architectural Photographer Heather Conley on Shooting Around Weather

In a contrasting approach to my post about intentionally shooting during bad weather, photographer Heather Conley delivers a great vlog-style narrative video discussing her approach to selecting a shoot day based on weather. Heather is a successful architectural photographer based in Connecticut who has worked for a wide range of clients photographing a variety of project types.

Dear Appy: When to Drop the Lawyer Hammer, Pretending to Be Tony Soprano

KH Asks: Can you explain how you handle copyright infringement across multiple platforms including social media? It seems incredibly easy for a business to steal work and use it for their gain. I noticed on your personal website there are no watermarks.

Ask APA: The Perpetual Access Problem, Giving Away the Raws, Assistant Fees

D Asks: How does one find out exactly who owns / manages a building? Ask your client if they know, or know someone who knows. Failing that, walk inside and speak to whoever is at the front desk. Make up a good story, or tell the truth, depending on the neighborhood you’re in, and get a business card of someone you can contact.
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