Dane Alonso

Staff Writer

I lead a double life as an architect and architectural photographer based in Mexico City, a metropolis full of contrast. I periodically travel back to the tranquility of the Alps where I finished my architecture studies and met my life partner.

I'm interested in proportion systems, asymmetry and maps.

Six Artists to Study for Architectural Photography

Knowing how to accurately represent space as seen by the human eye into a bidimensional media is relatively new. Early art depictions tend to focus on the spiritual and not on a literal representation of the world. Size and proportion of the subjects responded to hierarchy levels.

Architecture and Chill: The Built Space in Films

I must confess that I have never pressed the record button on my camera. Lately, the growing number of video platforms and the demand for architectural video has made me think twice about dabbling in video. Watching or re-watching films paying special attention to the role of architecture is a powerful tool and source of inspiration available to anyone interested in both architectural photography and video.

Hilla and Bernd Becher: Pioneers of Industrial Landscape Photography

Imagine being on the frontline of the 20th-century transition in the artistic world of photography. From the pristine landscapes captured by Ansel Adams to man-altered landscapes through industry and construction, there was so much changing in the world.

Extenders in Architectural Photography: Are “Budget” Tilt-Shift Lenses Worth a Try?

Tilt-shift lenses are great. However, getting two or three of them at the same time comes at a high price.This post summarizes my experience with Canon extenders and tilt-shift lenses, their performance (a 2x on a 24mm tilt-shift, you say?) and why using them has been crucial in developing my personal vision and deciding which lens to acquire next.

How to Watch Canon’s New Product Launch

Rumor season is over. On July 9th, Canon will be presenting their whole new lineup of products highlighting the RF mount system via live stream. The event — REIMAGINE — invites us to hear from Canon Ambassadors and experts on the biggest product launch yet.

Permission Required: An Update For Embedding Instagram Content

We are in the midst of a digitalization era where information is shared faster and in greater amounts than ever before. In order to guarantee the future of photographers, designers, and creators careers, proper copyright and credit on digital platforms must be a latent topic of discussion among the community.
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