Six Artists to Study for Architectural Photography

Six Artists to Study for Architectural Photography

Knowing how to accurately represent space as seen by the human eye into a bidimensional media is relatively new. Early art depictions tend to focus on the spiritual and not on a literal representation of the world. Size and proportion of the subjects responded to hierarchy levels. It wasn’t until the Renaissance (circa 1415) that Brunelleschi’s proved a rational system to precisely represent depth and space, the linear perspective. This change completely revolutionized the art world and how the built space was represented in paintings.

In this video, Steven Brooke shares the importance of analyzing references (other than actual photographs) in order to enrich your understanding of architectural photography and improve your compositional skills. He takes on the work of six artists – from the Dutch masters to Edward Hopper – while sharing valuable information and concepts that can be easily transported to the profession of architectural photography.

Steven Brooke is a professor at the University of Miami School of Architecture, where he offers a course on Architectural Photography and Composition. He has a Youtube channel where he constantly shares videos.

Which other artists are an inspiration / influence for your work? Drop us a line below!

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