Owen Davies Creates Forlorn and Otherworldly Images in His Project LIGHT/MASS

Owen Davies Creates Forlorn and Otherworldly Images in His Project LIGHT/MASS

“Light/Mass is an ongoing series of alien urban landscapes found in cities across the United States,” NYC-based photographer Owen Davies explains about his project.

“Exploring the overlooked architecture of metropolitan America, I seek to reveal the beautiful strangeness of these monument-like structures standing in familiar environments.”

The Bathhouse at Jacob Riis, New York City, NY.

He goes on, “I moved to New York City from England during the Spring of 2020, days before the city shut down. Like many people living in New York during that time, I walked and cycled through the almost empty streets, passing the time and getting a sense of my new home.

Eric Lindemann Building, Boston, MA.

I became fascinated with these strange-looking buildings I’d stumble upon, unannounced in the middle of a block or looming suddenly when turning a corner. They felt like distinctly otherworldly structures, alien to the surrounding architecture and entirely unobserved by passersby. I began seeking them out, looking for oddity in a city slowly returning to normal.”

Terrace on the Park, New York City, NY.

Owen’s project spread to other cities across the USA. Despite the different locations, his photographs of the buildings sport a similar feel and appearance.

City Hall, Fall River, MA.

Queens Plaza Mall, New York City, NY.

I love the light Owen harnesses in these images. Sharp shadows chisel out the unique shapes and eccentric details on these structures.

Former Armstrong Rubber Building, New Haven, CT.

Interesting textures and gradients are pulled out of the buildings.

The Egg, Albany, NY.

Owen’s compositions are well thought out and heighten that other-worldly feeling across this project.

Erastus Corning Tower, Albany, NY.

Owen says “The crisp light of New York City influenced my response to these structures; it amplified texture and created new geometry as hard shadows formed on outcrops angled facades and the ground on which the buildings stood. They took on a monumental appearance, absorbing the sunlight like it was a natural piece of the landscape.”

Spring Street Salt Shed, New York City, NY.

A giant thank you to Owen for submitting this awesome project in to us!

Greyhound Arena, Portales, NM.

Catch more of Owen’s work on the web at www.owen-davies.com and over on Instagram @owendaviesphoto.

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