A tip every GFX user should know

A tip every GFX user should know

Fujifilm’s GFX series cameras are great equipment for architectural photographers. We can argue whether this is a true medium format, but it is certainly a piece of equipment used by an increasing number of professionals. There are more and more interesting lenses available for this system, and many readers are surely waiting with bated breath for the release of the shift lens announced by Fuji. I use the GFX100s myself and I really like the camera, but I don’t completely understand the logic behind how certain functions in the menus are arranged. It is well known that handling a camera is a matter of habit and that we often praise the system we use, claiming that any other is illogical, but, have you ever tried to format a memory card in the GFX?!

Murray Elliott has written a helpful blog article that walks you through the steps of formatting a card in your GFX, showing how complex the menu system is. Murray then shares a quick hack that makes this process 100 times easier.

Murray found that simply holding the trashcan icon to the left of the viewfinder for three seconds and then, while still holding it in, depressing the rear dial to the right of the viewfinder takes you directly to the “Format” screen to choose which SD card slot you’d like to format.

A big thanks to Murray Elliott for sharing this quick tip with GFX users. What a time saver!

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