Has the Fujifilm GFX Redefined Medium Format?

Has the Fujifilm GFX Redefined Medium Format?

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Fujifilm is currently my favorite camera company within the photography industry. I find that they’re one of the very few companies that properly pushing the boundaries and delivering feature-filled cameras at very reasonable prices. The Fujifilm X-T3, for example, is incredible value for money. In my view, it is by far the best APS-C camera currently on the market. Not only is it fantastic from a photography perspective, but it’s still the only camera on the market below $2k that offers 4k 60p with a sensor larger than micro four-thirds. To add to that Fujifilm also offer the cheapest 100mp camera on the market by a huge margin, the Fuji GFX 100.

Now plenty of people have already spoken about ho great the GFX 100 is but what’s incredible about this camera is not just the specs and price point but what it’s doing to the whole medium format industry. Fujifilm is singlehandedly bringing medium format to the masses and forcing old-time companies like Hasselblad to reconsider their position. The X1D Mark II, for instance, was released at a price much lower than what the original X1D was just so that it could compete. The GFX 100 is so ridiculously specced that it’s essentially redefined how people view medium format cameras. I mean sure, for architecture many of the features are a bit overkill. Almost no architectural photographer who shoots with tilt-shift lenses is going to care about how many phase-detect AF points this camera has or IBIS; but I’m pretty sure they will care about things like 16-bit color and the 100mp of resolution. This camera also shoots 4k video with very useful features. Essentially the GFX 100 is an incredibly well rounded and almost perfect camera. If you’re looking to jump to medium format, this camera is probably the most effective and best option.

I’m aware that I’m practically gushing over this camera but for the first time in a very long time, photographers have an upgrade option beyond full frame that isn’t ridiculously priced. Could this also mean that all previous medium format cameras had highly inflated prices?

Check out the video linked above because some of the features of this camera are simply brilliant.

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