5 Basics of Architecture Photography

5 Basics of Architecture Photography


There a several famous sports-related quotes related to basics and fundamentals, but to paraphrase many of them…to become a highly skilled master of your craft, you have to master the basics. Several years ago when I photographed my first architecture-related job (it was a modest property for a real estate listing), I honestly had no idea what I was doing. Frankly, all I knew was to keep my camera level and shoot wide. That was about it.

Many years later however, I feel pretty confident in my work and have been doing a decent job at keeping my “imposter syndrome” at bay. Over the years I’ve purchased many architecture photography tutorials, watched countless YouTube videos, and even attended a workshop with Mr. Mike Kelley himself as an instructor. While it’s always great to learn new shooting and editing techniques, I began to recognize the common basics that were mentioned in all of them – many of which I wish I would have know when I was first starting out.

No matter how complicated the lighting setup is or advanced the Photoshop techniques are, seasoned photographers still seem to emphasize the importance of the basics (especially #4 on the list). So to help some of the “newbies” to the architecture genre, I compiled a simple list of 5 basics and fundamentals of this type of photography.

I hope it helps!

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