How to Photograph Architecture: A Quick Beginner’s Guide With Eric Reinholdt

How to Photograph Architecture: A Quick Beginner’s Guide With Eric Reinholdt

Architecture Gear

The majority of people entering the photography industry tend to ask questions mostly about gear. Questions tend to be about lenses, cameras and what they should buy first, and while the gear is important, actually learning how and what to shoot is far more important. In a video from 30X40 Design Workshop, architect Eric Reinholdt covers a number of important tips that are extremely valuable for beginner photographers.

Using an architect’s eye, Reinholdt walks us through compositional tips, lighting tips, and he even shares a few of his personal insights cultivated over decades as a working architect. This is especially valuable given that architectural photography requires a unique set of skills compared to most other genres as it deals with a far more technical and nuanced subject matter.

Reinholdt goes into some decent depth about lighting and interiors as well. As anyone who has tried can tell you, interior photography is not quite as simple as it looks and does require a little more know how than meets the eye at first glance. Learning how to balance interior lighting with window lighting, while also managing the composition can be a little tricky. The great thing is that in the video some of the basics are covered really well and the information is properly useful.

If you’re just starting out as an architectural photographer, make sure to check out the video linked above to get a solid foundation for the basics.

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