Five Gimbal Movements to Help Create Beautiful Interior and Architecture Films

Five Gimbal Movements to Help Create Beautiful Interior and Architecture Films

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I could be wrong here, but the way I see it, the market for filming real estate and architecture is possibly more lucrative than its photographic counterpart. For this reason, I think it’s probably a good idea for us photographers to develop our skills related to filming.

Yesterday, in our interview with Art Sanchez, Art recommended learning the basics of videography to help broaden your skills as a photographer, expand the services you offer your clients, and if nothing else, to make behind-the-scenes marketing content for your own business.

The video linked above by Grant Johnston discusses five essential movements you can use with a gimbal when filming real estate and architecture. Previously it would have been far too costly and impractical for many of us to switch over to a video set-up. In recent years however, entring the video world has become a lot easier.

Gimbals are becoming better, smaller and far more attainable for many of us. This, coupled with the fact that most of the cameras we currently shoot with already have fantastic video features, means that it’s now super easy for us to start offering video services to clients. The great thing is that the composition skills we learn from shooting architecture are mostly transferable when filming. It’s basically the same, it just needs to move. Fortunately, the video linked above gives a great overview of the kind of movements you can use when filming architecture and real estate.

So, check out the video, grab a gimbal, get out there and get practicing!

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