Delicate and Interesting Architectural Photography at Casa Ojiva with Photographer Ariadna Polo

Delicate and Interesting Architectural Photography at Casa Ojiva with Photographer Ariadna Polo

Mexico-based architectural photographer Ariadna Polo makes some of the most lovely work you’ll ever lay your eyes on, and this project — Casa Ojiva — is a prime example! Dreamy light, careful attention to shapes, tranquil tones, restrained color palates, and wonderfully framed compositions make this project shine.

This establishing shot rolls all of those elements into one powerful and attention-grabbing image. It’s hard not to want to know more about this project when viewing the photograph below.

Ariadna focuses our attention on the exterior in this simple one-point perspective shot. She still includes some foliage peeking in on the sides, while allowing our gaze to rest on the house. We can soak in the interesting shapes at hand.

I appreciate how Ariadna anchors us in the environment and presents the house from various perspectives. Below, we see Casa Ojiva peeking out of the foliage on the hillside.

And here we feel as if we are guests at the property, walking toward the viewing deck, immersed in our surroundings.

I like how Ariadna juxtaposes the sculptural staircase with the rocks and limbs that it wraps around. The scene feels both delicate and strong.

Inside, delicate scenes are composed with gentle, directional lighting. The images are simple and have a quiet, relaxing air about them.

Ahh tranquility! I appreciate Ariadna’s post-processing style and restraint here. It lends itself well to this relatively monochromatic project!

A well-framed photo draws our eyes out through the home’s glazing, to the pool, and settles on the view beyond. There are a lot of strong leading lines here, and Ariadna makes good use of them!

More mood and drama here as light streams through the skylight and rakes down through the room. It pulls out the textures and materiality present.

With the practical lights on, Casa Ojiva appears warm and inviting! The images still fit in with the rest of the set though, and the project as a whole flows nicely!

I love this next photograph, which shows the way the spaces in Casa Ojiva connect. We see the scale of the house and the beautiful lighting design here, without too much being given away. The scene still feels intimate and delicate.

What a beautiful project!

A big thanks to Ariadna for sharing another wonderful project with us here at APA! Visit and @ariadnapolo.foto to see more of Ariadna’s incredibly beautiful work!

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