Removing Objects From Complex Backgrounds

Removing Objects From Complex Backgrounds


As architectural photographers, we regularly have to deal with removing unwanted objects from an image. Over the course of time, and after building your own experience, you probably have found a few favorite ways to do so. I personally am endlessly searching for ways to improve my post-production workflow, especially because Photoshop’s instruments are always improving. The ever-changing toolkit means that now, there are many methods you can use for removing unwanted objects.

One of my favourite Photoshop-gurus is Aaron Nace, who started Phlearn. He offers paid subscriptions for his high-quality Photoshop tutorials, but also runs a free YouTube channel.

I really liked watching the following video on removing objects from a complex background. You probably know how to do much of what is shown in the video. Nevertheless, it was interesting to see how the spot healing brush (which I myself do not use very often) can bring back edges from blurred detail. Plus, I love watching this kind of satisfying video. Check it out below:

Rob van Esch is a Dutch architectural photographer. He works for a variety of clients. He has written "Trends in Architectural Photography - 2020" and "The Value of Architectural Photography". Both are eBooks and downloadable for free.
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