Learn to Clean Up Pavement in Photoshop With Alex Nye

Learn to Clean Up Pavement in Photoshop With Alex Nye


You might remember Alex Nye from his stellar commended entry in Architizer’s photo challenge, or the videos on Instagram of him climbing precarious objects to get incredible perspectives of what he is shooting.

Today Alex is back with another gem for the architectural photography community. He has whipped up a helpful video where he shares his process for retouching and cleaning up pavement in Photoshop. Alex explains his general workflow, shows off his “inverse S curve” and has even thrown in a free action for you to make your street cleanup woes go away!

If you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, this video packs a real punch.

You can download Alex’s custom action here:

Alex’s Youtube channel is stuffed with tons of other helpful—and beautiful—videos, so be sure to subscribe there. You can also stay in touch with Alex by following him on Instagram @alexnyeart

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