The 2022 Photo of the Year Award Winners

The 2022 Photo of the Year Award Winners

It’s time to announce the winners of the 2022 Photo of the Year Award! The Photo of the Year Award is one of the most simple and straightforward categories in our Architectural Photography Awards. We asked photographers to submit their defining photographs of 2022. There were no hard and fast rules other than that the image had to be made in 2022 and show some aspect of the built environment.

At stake for the 2022 Photo of the Year award were a first prize of $1500 USD and winner’s trophy. The second-place reward is $500 USD and a slightly smaller trophy. We’ve also decided to include an honorable mention slot this year. So without further ado, here are the three highest-scoring entries for the 2022 Photo of the Year Award:

Honorable Mention: Alex Nye – Scripps Pier

Alex Nye receives an honorable mention for the 2022 Photo of the Year Award. Alex explains “This image was captured at the Scripps pier in La Jolla, CA. Twice a year the sunset perfectly aligns with the symmetrical concrete pillars below this pier, creating a brief but beautiful moment of light pouring into the tunnel. This unique alignment event has become known by locals as ‘Scrippshenge.’ I was lucky to get a good vantage point, and capture one of a few brave surfers who tried riding down the pipe.”

You can give Alex a follow on Instagram @alexnyeart. Thanks for entering Alex!

Runner-up: Muhammad Almasri – Dubai Expo’s Kazakhstan Pavilion

Muhammad Almasri is our runner-up for the 2022 Photo of the Year Award! Muhammad will be taking home a prize of $500 USD and our second-place trophy for his photograph of the Kazakhstan Pavilion.

Judge Suzy Anetta shares what she loved about this image, saying “I love the graphic nature of this image, the symmetry, composition and colouring. It has a mid-century modernist vibe to it, and almost looks like an illustration rather than a photo.”

Congratulations Muhammad! See more of Muhammad’s work on Instagram @mmalmasri.

Winner: Gerry O’Leary

Gerry O’Leary knows a thing or two about making the photo of the year! He is this year’s winner with his stunning photograph of the Maraya Concert Hall that he calls “Geo Forma.” Gerry is awarded $1500 USD and our 2022 Photo of the Year Award trophy.

Gerry explains “I want my images to tell the environmental story or this gigantic mirrored building in the desert of Saudi Arabia and how the building complements the environment rather than hinders it. The building is called Maraya Concert Hall and is the largest mirrored structure in the world.”

Judge Celeste Bolt explains the points she awarded this image, saying “I love the horizon line has been honoured in this shot, with a gently faded light quality that doesn’t overpower the viewer, tempering the overpowering impact of the building.” Judge Stewart Hicks shares “This is a stunning photograph where building, landscape, and humans meld into a single whole.”

Congratulations Gerry! Follow Gerry on Instagram @gerryolearyphotography

Many, many thanks to all those who entered the 2022 Architectural Photography Awards. It has been a joy to see all of your gorgeous submissions for the 2022 Photo of the Year Award. We can’t wait to see your submissions for the 2023 Awards! Check back Friday to see the winners of the coveted Project of the Year award.

Mike Kelley is an architecture and interiors photographer who has photographed projects all over the world. He is a self proclaimed airplane food enthusiast and the founder of the Architectural Photography Almanac.
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