Take The First Ever Global Architecture Photography Survey

Take The First Ever Global Architecture Photography Survey


The architectural photography community is spread thin across the world, yet we are a close-knit community brought together by the internet and our shared love of photographing homes, businesses, art, and design. Currently, there is little to no data available related to the way we operate and the most frequent questions that we receive on APAlmanac relate to how people across the world run their businesses and what they can do to improve their own businesses.

The survey was written and edited by a group of architectural and interior photographers from a set of diverse backgrounds and contains a wide variety of questions related to pricing, licensing, housing, retouching, and staffing. With actual working photographers taking the survey, we can provide data that is extremely difficult to find and will provide clarity for both long-standing career photographers and photographers new to the field.

This census, much like APAlmanac itself, is a response to the ever-expanding need for architectural photography around the globe, and the subsequent need for more support for photographers everywhere. It attempts to further grow our community and create a dialog for and solutions to common issues that we all face.

Take the survey

All survey answers are anonymous (we don’t ask for your email or any identifying information) and results will be published after the survey has been open for 2 months. The survey should take no more than five minutes of your time. We’ve split the survey up by geographical location into six zones based on a balance of similar business practices between regions while still realistically being able to generate meaningful data. While it would be wonderful to create an even more granular survey for every country on earth, there is a balance to be struck. It would be difficult and laborious to extract meaningful data from ten photographers in Iceland vs 500 in Europe, even if there is a difference in local business practice, so we are making some sacrifices in order to collect as much data as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please take the survey based on your 2019 calendar year and business operations. We realize that 2020 has been, to put it mildly, unorthodox. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis will reshape businesses, economies, and lifestyles around the world for years to come. It is important that we use our last normal business year for this survey so that the results serve as an accurate baseline going into the future.

If your business is based in America and Canada, click here

If your business is based in Europe, click here

If your business is based in Australia or New Zealand, click here

If your business is based in Asia, click here

If your business is based in South or Central America (including Mexico) click here

If your business is based in the Middle East or Africa, click here

The results

The survey will tentatively be open for two months in order to collect enough data to draw strong conclusions. Our findings will be published as soon as realistically feasible; we are targeting a fall 2020 release date. The findings will be made public and will remain available for viewing as long as APAlmanac remains on the internet.

Please feel free to share the survey with anyone who you think would fit the criteria for taking it: anyone who makes their living photographing the built environment is eligible.

You are more than welcome to leave any questions or feedback in the comments below, and we will be sure to tweak the survey based on feedback for next year.

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