The MacBook Air: Possibly The Best Laptop For Location Shooting

The MacBook Air: Possibly The Best Laptop For Location Shooting


Most architectural photographers prefer to shoot while tethered to a laptop or tablet device. The main reason for this is because the screens on the backs of almost all cameras tend to be pretty poor, and pretty small. This is true even for more expensive medium format cameras; although their screens are better, they’re still not that great.

A recent video from tech YouTuber, Brian Tong, discusses the latest Apple MacBook Air. Brian goes over some of the key features of the device and how it’s been improved over the previous editions.

For architectural photography, I’ve always relied on tethering to an iPad if I need a larger screen. I thought about updating to the latest model due to the new keyboard cover, however, looking at the price has made me reconsider. An iPad Pro with 512GB storage and keyboard will cost about the same — or actually more — than the Macbook Air and in all honesty, the MacBook offers far more in terms of functionality. The latest laptop retains its small form factor but improves on the keyboard, which I think a lot of people will prefer.

The MacBook Air also has the wonderful Retina display which is extremely useful for our type of work. All in all, I think that it may be worth buying the proper laptop over the iPad even though the latest version of the tablet is much improved.

Check out the full video linked above to see what’s new with the latest model, and if you should consider adding it to your kit.

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