2021 Project of the Year Award Longlist (Part One)

2021 Project of the Year Award Longlist (Part One)

Project of the Year might just be one of our favorite categories. In this day and age where everyone is a photographer, it seems like anybody can take a good photograph. What separates the masters from the just-plain-lucky though, is the ability to create consistent beautiful images over and over again. APALMANAC’s 2021 Project of the Year Award is for architectural and interior photographers who are making amazing image after image, and can demonstrate that skill in an individual project.

The entries for Project of the Year were mesmerizing. After pouring through all of the submissions and their descriptions, here are the longlisted selections for the 2021 Project of the Year.

There are a massive amount of photos at hand here, and I can hear your internet speed grinding to a halt already. To show you the projects as submitted in their entirety, we’ve decided to break this list into two parts. Here is the first half:

Abdulrahman Bayashout

Elixir Bunn by AZAZ Architects as photographed by Abdulrahman Bayashout

Adam Potts

Paul Hobbs Winery as photographed by Adam Potts

Albrecht Voß

From Albrecht Voss’ Modern Alpine Architecture series

Andrea Calo

Andrea Calo’s photographs of the backyard taekwondo and yoga studio designed by Ben Newman

Andy Macpherson

Prospect Terrace by Salvador Farrajota as photographed by Andy Macpherson

Brad Feinknopf

1000 Museum by Zaha Hadid as photographed by Brad Feinknopf

Brandon Huttenlocher

Brandon Huttenlocher’s project for Rivers Edge Retreat by Eigelberger Architecture & Design with Landscape Architect Design Workshop, Inc.

Chase Daniel

 The High Road by Ravel Architecture & Kopicki Design as photographed by Chase Daniel

David Chatfield

The Fish Lane redevelopment by architects Richards and Spence as photographed by David Chatfield

Corey Gaffer

Mill 19 by RIDC and designed by MSR Architects and TEN x TEN as photographed by Corey Gaffer

Darren Bradley

Dubai Villa by WaiWai as photographed by Darren Bradley

Doublespace Photography

Doublespace Photography’s project for Calgary Central Library by Snohetta in collaboration with DIALOG

Eymeric Widling

Residence in Calgary as photographed by Eymeric Widling for Waterford Homes Inc, Shaun Ford & Co., and DeJong Design Associates

Gabe Border

Dance Studio by Flansburgh Architects as photographed by Gabe Border

Gerry O’Leary

Mosque of Light as photographed by Gerry O’Leary

That’s the first half of our longlist for the 2021 Project of the Year award! You can view part two here.

Mike Kelley is an architecture and interiors photographer who has photographed projects all over the world. He is a self proclaimed airplane food enthusiast and the founder of the Architectural Photography Almanac.
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