Ask APA: Your Architectural Photography Questions…Answered

Ask APA: Your Architectural Photography Questions…Answered


Over the past few weeks, APA has…grown…a little bit, into something I’m beginning to feel slightly proud of. In the background, I’ve gotten many questions about architectural photography from our small but fiercely interested reader base. Rather than let these questions slowly fall into the fires of Mount Doom, ah, I meant page two of our gmail account, I thought it would be great to begin to publicly answer them.

Starting today, May 22nd, 2019, we’ll be happy to receive and reply publicly to direct questions related to architecture, architectural photography, interiors photography, art photography, or anything tangentially related to the blog. Don’t worry – if you don’t want your name associated with it, not an issue, as we publish all answers anonymously unless otherwise requested.

We’ll start answering questions pretty much immediately, and hope you find this tool to be a valuable asset when it comes to navigating this career. To submit a question, navigate to our contact page and select the “ask an architectural photography related question” button from the dropdown.

Happy shooting, y’all.

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