Stewart Hicks Explains How Architecture Depends on Photography

Stewart Hicks Explains How Architecture Depends on Photography

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A few weeks ago, my colleague Kyrre Sundal wrote a post sharing his favorite architecture-based youtube channels. One of those channels was that of Stewart Hicks. I wanted to hone in on one of Stewart’s videos that I particularly like – as it applies directly to photography and is pretty thought-provoking. It’s called “How Architecture Depends on Photography” and explores how architecture and photography have been intertwined since the very first photograph ever taken with the camera obscura.

Stewart delves into the concept that architects rely on photographers to convey their design intentions, and explores the idea that nowadays, some buildings are being designed with “Instagramability” in mind.

So, if you have 12 minutes to spare and are looking to grow your understanding of the symbiosis between architecture and photography, check this out!

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