Infused With Light and Color, Vigo Jansons Masterfully Documents a Contemporary Office Designed by Gensler

Infused With Light and Color, Vigo Jansons Masterfully Documents a Contemporary Office Designed by Gensler

Today’s featured project takes us to Edelman Modern Workspace by the famed firm Gensler. Showing us the way is London-based architectural photographer Vigo Jansons. Vigo has a bit to share about his shoot, kicking things off by sharing “It’s a 1900s warehouse in Westminster, London, transformed into a 21st-century dream workplace for the public relations company Edelman. I love how well Gensler infused industrial rawness and contemporary design with punchy colours and warmth, creating a feeling of being in a beautiful private members’ club.

What made it special to me was the client’s trust in me to execute the project. I had been shooting interiors and architecture for three years and had never shot a space nearly this large or worked with a client of this level. It made for a memorable day overflowing with excitement and drive to capture the essence of the space well, and it made me fall in love with photographing commercial architecture.”

Vigo was on location for a day and crafted 10 stills to showcase the workspace. The first thing that stands out to me about Vigo’s collection of photographs is how well he translates the light and colors present in Gensler’s space and design. The colors are rich, the shadows add dimension, and there is a warmth about each scene that makes it feel so inviting.

Vigo gives us a look behind the scenes and shares “The biggest challenge was staging the areas, as we had to move many pieces of furniture and elements around to make things look well-balanced. Like puzzle pieces, we took our time and put every image together until everyone was delighted.

We also staged people within the space, but I decided to showcase the images without them to focus more on the design. Lastly, it came time to dash around strategically flashing the interiors to collect the necessary layers for smooth post-production.

Collaboration and attention to detail were at the forefront of this shoot. I love working with clients who have extensive experience and an understanding of the process behind capturing beautiful imagery.”

Vigo said “It was my first time working with the client. I knew about Gensler from Mike Kelley’s interview with Ryan Gobuty on Where Art Meets Architecture 4. I immediately got very excited when I received an email from them, knowing they are one of the top architectural design firms in the world and how high-level their work is.

I had never shot a workplace before, which worked to my advantage. The designers sought a different approach and feel for documenting such a transformative and next-generation project. After some planning and a recce, the target was clear, and we were ready to conquer.”

Curious about the silky light and punchy colors, I asked Vigo a little bit about his process. He divulged, “Post-production was a big part of the achieved look. Each photo comprises many layers of ambient and flash to add balance and depth and make all the textures and colours come together nicely.

Shift lenses were vital in the large spaces, where more ceilings were added by stitching in post-production to show off the historical building’s raw concrete details.”

I really apreciate Vigo’s tidy compositions and the dimensional, graphic, and almost sculptural quality that each scene has. I’ve admitted it before and I’ll say it again, but I have a hard time connecting with comercial architecture typically. Vigo’s photographs of this office space are so lovely and inviting that I’ve scrolled through this project quite a few times!

“I wish we had at least one more day on site, as there were so many more stunning areas and angles to shoot,” Vigo says. “We had to narrow it down a lot due to time constraints.”

What a gorgeous space! Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful project with us Vigo!

Head over to to see more of Vigo’s stunning work. You can also find him on Instagram @vigojansons.

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