Brian Berkowitz Photographs a Lux VIP Salon for Pandora in NYC

Brian Berkowitz Photographs a Lux VIP Salon for Pandora in NYC

New York-based luxury architectural photographer Brian Berkowitz is back on the blog with another silky and sultry-looking Project of the Week. Just like his World Spa photographs, Brian’s latest project for Pandora’s VIP Salon designed by Laura Ramirez sports a warm, zen, lux feel!

“I’ve been shooting for Pandora for many years,” Brian starts. “I typically capture exteriors for seasonal campaigns and new store designs.  This was their first VIP Salon in the US in their SOHO, NYC store.  I’ve never seen a design like this in any of the Pandora stores, especially with the plaster look on the walls.  To get to the VIP Salon you need to walk around a big display with their logo to the back of the house into this opaque door and it opens up to this beautiful space.”

Looking into the salon, Brian does a lovely job of showing off the lay of the land while keeping an air of intimacy. I love the way the mirror reflects the space beyond the archway, creating the illusion of another room and expanding the image.

Our eyes are pulled through the archway, into the salon. We can notice heaps of little details and all of the textures and lighting designs found throughout the space.

Brian shares, “I felt the Pandora Kiosk didn’t really fit with the design of the space, but it’s really cool technology and important to them that we include it. Essentially, you answer a series of questions about yourself, and the AI algorithm determines the best charms for you to get based on your personality, etc.”

Brian continues, “I shot this in the morning and they were hosting their first-ever event and opening that afternoon. We were a bit rushed, but that is fairly typical for retail.  The design was still happening while I was shooting to the point where some of the curtains literally arrived after I had already begun.”

“[This photo] gives you an idea of the entire size of the space and how intricate the design details are. You can see a lot of the Pandora jewelry on display here, but it’s done so tactfully and the displays are integrated so well into the design that it just flows. It feels like this could be a living room in a residential home, but… it’s a retail store,” he explains.

Again, I love the tighter crops and the way they pair down the space into interesting, visually digestible chunks. The reflections, the interplay of the lights – it’s all very cool!

A massive thanks to Brian for submitting in another interesting project to us here at APA! We can always count on him to show off a great luxury retail space!

As always, you can catch more of Brian’s work at and on Instagram @brianberko.

If you have a project you’d like to be considered for Project of the Week, you can submit it here.

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