Adrien Williams Takes Us to a Peaceful Cabin in Montreal

Adrien Williams Takes Us to a Peaceful Cabin in Montreal

Today’s featured project takes us to a gorgeous forest in Montreal, where we’ll be taking a look at Adrien Williams’s photographs of the chalet Rustic Grade by Maurice Martel architecte.

Adrien shares “The shoot was smooth and easy-going. Maurice Martel is actually a friend and the project happened to be near my own cabin.”

Adrien creates lovely contrast through color, with the warm glow of the cabin’s interior popping out against the blue tones throughout the rest of the image.

The cabin’s glow appears as a warm beacon that draws us in. Well placed in the frame, the surrounding trees relay the surroundings while not distracting from the home.

I love the pup in this next shot. He adds some life and a coziness to the scene. Adrien showcases the open floor plan and how the loft space connects to the living area below.

I appreciate how Adrien decided to turn on the practical lights in this series. There’s a nice warmth (echoed by the wood stove), without too much color contamination or distraction. Things feel just right!

This tidy shot is one of my favorites. There are so many great shapes and lines at play. I love the mix of black and white vertical and horizontal lines, it feels both fun and graphic.

Again, more tidy lines and rectilinear shapes here with a great combination of light and dark elements. There is also a lovely mix of organic shapes and materials (the plants, soft couch, textured wood, etc.) and the smooth, hard, and cool feeling walls and floor.

This project sports a peaceful air that Adrien places us in. We feel like visitors at the cabin.

An interesting perspective translates the loft space and how it looks down onto the main living area. As always, more great lines, textures, and tidy styling that keeps our attention on the design of the space itself.

Many thanks to Adrien for sharing this project with us! What a beauty!

See more of Adrien Williams’s brilliant work at and on Instagram @adrienwilliamsphoto.

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