16 Unconventional Pieces of Photography Gear

16 Unconventional Pieces of Photography Gear


Whether a hobbyist or a professional, you’re more-than-likely familiar with classic pieces of gear most photographers need…lenses, light modifiers, flashes, etc. What you don’t typically hear about though, are the unconventional pieces of gear that photographers use. What do I mean by ‘unconventional’?

These are items that the average person would not consider to be photography equipment. Products that were never marketed specifically to photographers, but are borderline crucial in this line of work. Walk into any Home Depot and you’re guaranteed to find things like painter’s tape, plastic sheeting, and spring clamps. Would you consider them to be “photo gear”? Most people don’t, but I sure do!

I would estimate that I use at least one item of unconventional photo gear on every shoot. In fact, I put together a list of 16 pieces of non-photography related gear that I use on a fairly regular basis.

Do you have any unconventional gear that I neglected to mention? Let us know what it is in the comments below…seriously. Many of the items on my list were suggestions from other photographers and I’m always on the hunt to make my job easier!

Known by tens of people across the US, I'm a Kansas City-based architectural and interiors photographer. I think I take pretty decent photos, but my Mom thinks they're awesome!
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