Client Lists, The Disappointing Lowel Gl-1, CamRanger 2: Where Are You?

Client Lists, The Disappointing Lowel Gl-1, CamRanger 2: Where Are You?


SD Asks: My question is..if you do a TFP with someone, for instance a museum, would you write that museum on the clients list on your website?

Mike: No, definitely not. They didn’t hire you – you begged to be let in for free! Even if they then licensed images I would not use them in a client list. That is reserved for firms who commission me from start to finish. Keep it classy, guys and girls!

MA Asks: I concluded that Mike doesn’t use Lowel GL-1 anymore, which is understandable considering the build quality. The question is, can Profoto B10 successfully substitute Lowel Gl-1? If yes, then what are some significant differences?

I have dropped the GL-1 because of the build quality issues as you mentioned and have switched to using the B10, which has advantages and drawbacks.


-Much smaller than the GL-1 which takes up less space and weight in the bag
-I can change the color temperature to match the ambient lighting – a huge plus
-Charge lasts FOREVER
-Full range of Profoto modifiers available to shape light
-I can use it as a flash if I need to


-The built in focusing beam on the GL-1 was great
-The trigger system on the GL-1 was nice, it’s a little trickier to change the power one-handed on the B10
-Not as much power as the GL-1, which sucks when trying to paint over a long distance

I do miss the power of the GL-1, but that is the only thing I miss.

TO Asks: Which CamRanger or other remote would be the best for starting in RE photography? The mini seems to be good in my mind, but I would rather buy right the first time. I currently have a Nikon Z6, and use Apple products if that has any bearing.

The original CamRanger (the white one in the black bag) is still the king. Though I wish they would hurry TF up and release the CamRanger 2, the entire app and dongle is sorely in need of a refresh. CamRanger, Bueller, you listening?

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