Ekansh Goel of Studio Recall Shares the Mesmerizing Forms of Hampi Art Labs in Jindal Township, India

Ekansh Goel of Studio Recall Shares the Mesmerizing Forms of Hampi Art Labs in Jindal Township, India

The structure housing Hampi Art Labs is made up of the most wonderful curves and the juciest color. The orange building snakes between the green grass and Jindal Township’s bright blue sky. Ekansh Goel of Studio Recall masterfully made the photographs on this Project of the Week, and has kindly shared a bit about the shoot with us. Lets dive on in:

Ekansh starts, “The project Hampi Art Labs is located within Jindal Township, India. I recognize the opportunity to photograph a project with a concept as distinctive as this, with its program tailored specifically to art and its artists. The space serves as a sanctuary for artists from around the globe, allowing them to reside and create their work. The intriguing form of the project, complemented by its terracotta tones set against the greenery and the backdrop of the blue sky, presented prospective frames as well. Moreover, as an emerging photographer being entrusted to photograph for a well-established and prominent architect adds an extra layer of significance and fulfillment to the experience.”

Ekansh’s well thoughtout compositions showcase the playful design of the building, and really teh site as a whole. We note the way the walking path and the grounds echo the curviture and movement of the Art Labs.

Well timed and well lit images sport a complex depth and dimensionality. The forms of the Lab are chiseled out by the hard shadows and gleaming sunlight.

“I was approached by a production company hired by JSW to do the shoot. They were already working with Sohaib Iliyas, a filmmaker and a personal friend of mine. There was a requirement for a photographer on board as well so Sohaib graciously recommended me, and I gladly accepted the opportunity,” Ekansh explains

The mountainscape in the distance adds another layer of organic shapliness to the scene. I love the atmosphere here and the way the building is shown off, winding right through the surrounding environment.

He goes on, “I had just under a day to finish the shoot, and I recall approaching it with determination to meet the tight deadline. Typically, during the initial phase of a shoot, I recce the site thoroughly, mentally capturing half of it. However, due to the unique circumstances of this project, I was unable to follow my usual process.

Certain parts of the project were in the final stages of handover when I was commissioned to photograph it, as there was an urgent need for publication. Navigating the site posed significant challenges, given the ongoing work, the materials on site that were being moved out, the labour still being a part of it, and various other constraints.”

Inside the Art Labs, we are met with dramatic lighting, lovely shadows, and beautiful use of the human form to give purpose and scale to each scene.

Back outside in the golden sun, Ekansh’s photographs feel awashed with warmth and character. I love the specular highlights pulling out the textures on the building, adding vibrancy to the path, and showcasing the shapes found throughout the scene.

There is a lovely sense of time and place throughout these photographs that really add to the story of the building and its character.

This next shot is my personal favorite. I love the forms, the shadows, and the textures present.

I asked Ekansh to explain his favorite photograph. He tells, “Most of the photographs are landscape in format, reflecting the expansive horizontal nature of the project. However, one portrait photograph stands out to me. It captures a small courtyard enveloped by the building, with a singular tree at its center. The cascading shadows cast by the architectural forms on either structure imbue the scene with dynamism and depth. In seizing this opportunity, I introduced a human element onto the green roof, subtly alluding to its accessibility as well.”

Many thanks to Ekansh for sharing this project with us. What a beauty!

Ekansh notes: Hampi Art Labs was founded by Sangita Jindal and Tarini Jindal Handa.
This project was shot for JSW Foundation.
It was designed by Sameep Padora of sP+a.
The production agency was Floating Canvas Company.

You can find more of Ekansh’s work on Instagram @ekansh_goel as well as on the web at www.studiorecall.in.

If you have a project you’d like to be considered for Project of the Week, you can submit it here.

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