Capture One’s Newest Release Brings Long Awaited Features

Capture One’s Newest Release Brings Long Awaited Features


Capture One has just released the latest iteration of its popular tethering and editing software, Capture One 22. The new release sports some long-awaited new features including:

  • Panorama stitching
  • HDR merge
  • Improved performance, especially on Windows PCs
  • AI-driven auto rotate
  • Wireless tethering for Canon cameras

This latter feature is sure to interest anyone using Capture One as their tethering app of choice. While the feature still requires the use of a wifi router for the camera to connect to the host computer that’s running Capture One, it will greatly increase the flexibility when shooting on location and you want to get rid of cables.

So far the software fully supports wireless tethering for Canon’s R5, 1DxII & 1DxIII with preliminary support for the EOS R, R6 and 5D Mark IV. It remains to be seen if or when Capture One will support other camera brands and models.

Check out this post on Capture One’s website for more information about wireless tethering best practices and other recommendations based on their testing.

Capture One also recently announced that Capture One for iPad was in development which should be released next year, providing even more flexible and portable options for tethering while shooting on location.

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