Why is the new Nikon Zf an interesting camera?

Why is the new Nikon Zf an interesting camera?

Nikon has introduced a new mirrorless camera with a retro style. It’s a body that pays homage to the iconic analog FM2 model and bears a strong resemblance to the Z fc model introduced in 2021, featuring an APS-C sensor. Why might this model be of interest to architectural photographers?

Pixel Shift

For me, the Nikon Zf is a beautiful camera, but aesthetics alone don’t make a strong case in the photography business. What caught my attention with this model is the Pixel Shift feature. It’s the first Nikon camera with this capability, and I’m very curious to see how it performs in practice. If it becomes a standard feature in future models, especially in the successor to the Nikon Z7II, it could prove useful in architectural photography.

Achieve incredible resolution images with pixel shift, which uses Nikon’s in-body VR to make slight movements to the sensor while shooting multiple images. The images are then merged in editing software to achieve up to 4x normal resolution.

Small body

I’m also interested in how the new Nikon will work in combination with cameras like the Cambo Actus or Arca Swiss F-universalis. The absence of a protruding grip allows for mounting the Nikon Z fc on technical cameras.

Nikon Zf Announced for Pre-Order

Interested in pre-ordering the Zf? You can place a pre-order through B&H Photo here. The Zf is estimated to ship out around the end of October!

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