How to Handle Copyright Infringement on Instagram

How to Handle Copyright Infringement on Instagram


I think I’ve cracked the code!

If you’ve ever submitted a copyright infringement / take-down form on Instagram, you know that it can lead to a bit of back and forth between you and Instagram requesting more and more information stating your case as to why a certain photo (or photos) should be taken down. It can get pretty frustrating, to say the least.

BTW – You can access the Instagram copyright infringement form via this link.

However…In my experience, I think I’ve narrowed down a couple of key elements to expedite the process and have Instagram remove an infringer’s post in one fell swoop.

#1 – Create a hidden gallery page on your website

It doesn’t have to be accessible via a clickable tab on your website, but create an additional gallery page with one sole purpose…a page to place image files as you discover them being used by infringing accounts on social media.

So when Instagram asks on the form “Please provide links (URLs) to the copyrighted work“, give them the direct URL to the image file on your site. NOT the URL to the original Instagram post the image may have been taken from. By providing the URL to the image on your website, you are making it crystal clear to Instagram that it is your photo.

*** Plus I think it gives the impression that the infringing IG account may have taken the image from your website which looks really bad on them! ***

#2 – Use clear, straight-to-the-point wording in the “additional information” box

No need to write a novel. In fact, this is the exact wording I’ve been using on my form submissions for several months now, and it’s been working pretty well so far.

I am the original photographer and copyright holder to the photo. I have never written a license or given permission for the Instagram account @(fill in the blank) to use the photo

And if the photo(s) in question happen to be registered with the US Copyright Office, I highly recommend placing that information in the same box as well. I’ll add…

The image is registered on copyright certificate VA********** with the Library of Congress labeled as “(image file name on the certificate)”

I hope that helps. If you want to see me try this method for real, check out my YouTube video below.

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