Jim Stephenson


Jim Stephenson is an architectural photographer and film maker based in the UK, working worldwide.

Stephenson’s work is hallmarked by a keen eye for human interaction with architecture and the built environment, be it the occupation of space or the traces left behind. His photography and films lean to a documentary style and he has cultivated a meditative process allowing for the agility to document the small, fleeting moments of people and light in architecture.

After studying Architectural Technology and working in practice in the UK and US, he turned to photography and film making.

Pictures That Move: An In-depth Look At Making Films About Architecture

Architecture and the moving image, and of course photography and the moving image, have a long, intertwined history. By the turn of the 19th Century, the technology that the early photography pioneers were still experimenting with had progressed to the point at which they could record a series of stills in an incredibly short amount of time, and play them back to animate the sequence.
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