Keith Isaacs Photographs A Contemporary Home on the Coast of North Carolina

Keith Isaacs Photographs A Contemporary Home on the Coast of North Carolina

Project of the Week

While it’s not really beach time here on America’s East Coast, I’ve spent many autumn weeks on North Carolina’s beaches. It feels fitting to me, then, that this week’s featured project be of Mobius House by Kersting Architecture, built by Sterling Custom Construction. Mobius House sits back in the dunes of Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina and has been perfectly photographed by Raleigh, NC based architectural photographer Keith Isaacs.

Keith’s one-point perspective of the rear elevation sets the scene for the project to come. We see Mobius House in its context, noting the way the organic shapes of the dunes and scrub contrast the bold linear shape of the architecture.

This tighter shot of the front entryway communicates the mammoth size of the house, and its staggered depth without revealing too much of the front. Our interest is piqued and our eyes are led right in through the open door.

There are loads of great things going on here, from the nice little patches of light streaming in through the clerestory windows, to the immensely powerful and tidy feeling that the symmetry here creates. Just look at those perfectly lightned up chairs and barstools. We all know that was a pain on location scooting and checking each chair, but the perfectly polished feeling it lends to this scene works so nicely in this well balanced room.

Flipping the perspective, Keith shows us Mobius House’s crown jewels – the bank of windows that looks out onto the Atlantic. Our eyes are driven through the scene, nothing each area on the way. I personally love the way he framed up the light fixture over the table perfectly between the sets of windows. Again, Keith nails the symmetrical one-point perspective.

This next image is my favorite. It gives off a lovely sense of time and place. The hot light streaming in adds some visual interest and a bit of heat to the scene. We catch a glimpse of what it must really feel like to be at Mobius House.

Notice the way the bold linear elements create a commanding feeling here. Keith’s perspective heightens this notion, and we get an air of power and luxury. The warm wood contrasts nicely against the blue sky. It also contrasts against the typical shore home style builds that neighbor Mobius House, setting it apaprt.

Throughout this project, Keith leans in to the one-point perspective to accentuate this home’s bold linear design and the rhythm that all of the leading lines create. The rising sun and warm light washing over the image adds a bit of magic to each scene.

What a view eh?!

While we see Mobius House nestled in its surroundings, and there is a lot of context, it isn’t distracting. With the faint glow of the lights on, our eyes are drawn straight to the house. I love the figures on the deck for scale.

During blue hour we see Mobius House really come alive, glowing behind the foliage. The contrast of the oranges and yellows against the deep blue sky makes the interior look so warm and inviting.

This last shot is a perfect sendoff to Keith’s wonderful photos of Mobius House. What a gorgeous project!

A big thank you to Keith for sharing this project with APALMANAC!

Head over to to see more of Keith’s work, as well as by checking out his Instagram @keithisaacsphoto.

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